Celeb Clean Up

We all know how important it is to shower, and now you’re showering with Sundae, you know how fun showers can be with a plus one, but there’s a few celebrity shower habits that have raised our eyebrows, and in some cases ruined our shower fantasies about them, read on to see who you’d like to clean up with.

Brad Pitt – high on our list of celebs we want to shower with but according to sources when he’s short on time he’s one to skip a shower and opt for a baby wipe. We’d make time in our schedule for you Mr. Pitt, call us.

All we want for Christmas, and every day for that matter is a bath with the queen herself Mariah Carey. It was once rumoured that she only bathed in French mineral water, but she has dropped in interviews that she has been known to partake in milk baths. Very Vanilla might hit the spot for you Ms Carey.

Kylie Jenner – goes all in. The make up mogul shared with sister Khloe that she works from top to bottom and just like her outfits, her shower time always has the perfect accessories. We’re talking loofah’s, body oils and scrubs. Sounds like she’d be the perfect shower buddy for Sundae.


JLo – loves a bath with flower petals, Jenny if you’re reading this, you’ll probably love Cherry On Top… we’re ready when you are.

Superstitious Showers with retired Chicago Bulls star, Rip Hamilton. Rip Hamilton of the Chicago Bulls takes a shower immediately prior to taking the basketball court. Getting clean before you get sweaty may seem counter intuitive, but hey shower time always equals winning for us, so we’re getting behind this superstition.

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Oprah obviously needs a tub fit for a queen, so she had a custom made bath for her home. Made from marble and onyx it was hand carved to fit the shape of her body. Surely there’s room for Sundae in there too?

Gwyneth Paltrow, preparation is key. The star mentioned on her Goop website that she loves to dry brush before her showers if she’s had a particularly long day. Once in the shower she exfoliates and puts in the work. There’s something else she recommends women do in the shower to, but we’ll let you google that for yourselves.

So who are you jumping in the shower with? We won’t judge ;)