Do you shower like everyone else?

70% of people shower from top to bottom, which means the other 30% are doing it upside down. Whether you’re top to bottom, or bottom to top, read on to find out how your shower time stacks up.

The average shower time is 13 minutes. So, it takes approx. 10 seconds to take off the lid of a Sundae bottle and shake out your foamy goodness, approx. 2 minutes to wash off leaving you with more than 10 minutes of quality lather up time.

45% of people pee in the shower, but they would never admit it. According to the study, 23% of these people thought peeing in the shower to be more economical and hygienic.

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Only 50% of males use soap in contrast to 78% of females…sounds like everyone needs an express delivery of Sundae.

75% of people take their phones into the shower…well obviously, how else are you going to share on Instagram that you’re using your favourite whipped body foam?

The average amount of times people wash their hair per week is 5.7.

3 out 5 people sing in the shower. When we asked you all on our Instagram stories what you like to sing along to, Whitney Houston’s I wanna dance with somebody was a crowd favourite.

7% of people openly admit to not bathing at all. Be that a shower or a bath! If this last one is you we have the answer. Click here to grab a bottle of Sundae shower foam NOW!

**Facts from GROHE, a leading shower brand name around the globe

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