Our Top Scene Stealing Shower (and bath) Moments

Shower time is usually a place of relaxation and unwinding, however for some of these iconic shower moments, relaxing is the last thing on their minds.

Psycho – we had to start with this one. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you know this scene. Marion Crane in the Bates motel shower. The three-minute scene took seven days to shoot and incorporates no less than 50 cuts.

Psycho shower scene

Pretty Woman – did you know that Al Pacino was originally considered for Richard Gere’s role? For us though, Richard Gere is the only man who could snap a jewellery box on Julia Roberts hand that way – swoon.

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman - the bath scene

American Beauty – Mena Suvari surrounded by red rose petals in a bath…need we say more. The polarizing film, whether you hate it or love it, this is one iconic scene that’s hard to get out of your mind.

The Notebook – the Romantic in us had to add this one in. Seriously though, who doesn’t head straight to the bathtub when they are dealing with heart break? Post break up selfcare with Sundae will do the trick.

Scarface – Ok yes, there’s the scene in a motel, but the one we love, is naturally the foamy one. Nothing says boss mode like Tony Montana in a massive bubble bath for one. Seriously, who else would have a gold cherub and other adornments on their bubble bath?

Seven Year Itch – Marilyn Monroe, arguable one of the most iconic women in Hollywood, we had to include one of her iconic bathtub scenes.

Nightmare on Elm Street – Well, we did warn you, not all of the best cleaning times are relaxing. Who can forget this intense scene when Freddy Kruger’s razor sharp “hands” appear from the foamy bath water?!

And just so we don’t leave this one on a scary note, imagine if Sundae had been in all of these scenes, suddenly Freddy Kruger raising up from the bath water with Sundae on offer doesn’t seem as scary as the knives for hands ;)

Happy Sundae x

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