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What is the Best Body Wash to Use When Pregnant?

What is the Best Body Wash to Use When Pregnant?

News to no one: a tonne of physical changes occurs to our bodies during pregnancy. Changes in your skin are one thing you might not notice (probably because some are more noticeable than others – aka, you’re growing a tiny human in your tummy!)

Since your skin will be more sensitive than usual at this unique moment in your life, you will need to avoid some items and curate a slightly altered bathing ritual. Here's a look at what to anticipate and a list of some ingredients to avoid while pregnant.

Body Wash Ingredients to Avoid When Pregnant

There isn't a definitive list of things or chemicals you should stay away from while pregnant, and the internet can be a rather scary place for new parents to get stuck down a rabbit hole. Some items physicians and industry professionals will caution you about, like a list of safe and harmful foods. According to various experts, here are some top things to avoid.

Complex Chemical Words
There is a broad list of substances you should avoid in soaps and body washes. These include parabens, phthalates, and pretty much any other unpronounceable additions. You probably don't want that substance to come in contact with your body if you can't identify what it could be.

You may quickly check the names of certain compounds in the ingredients list of items you use to see whether or not they are sourced naturally. It's not a good indication if you have trouble learning something or cannot discover any information about it. Finding more about natural compounds shouldn't be challenging because they frequently have their scientific names in the ingredients list.

Anti-Acne Products
When expecting a baby, most of the typical prescription medications and chemicals that treat acne may need to be skipped. This covers substances including tetracycline, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid – which also explains why you could get acne at this period; you cannot employ some of the most effective treatments that keep your skin clear and happy. A normal pregnancy side-effect is becoming obsessed with reading the labels and momentarily shelving any iffy ingredients included in regular soaps and shampoos that you may use. Some also find that potent medicinal or chemical fragrances are often too strong for a highly-sensitized sense of smell.

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Artificial Scents and Colours
Artificial colours and smells are other substances you should avoid, as they are not always safe to use and may irritate your skin. For instance, some of these items are petrochemicals, and you'll notice a big difference in how your skin feels and looks without them.

What to Expect (When Expecting)

Like your mood, your skin might become more sensitive overall. This means that your favourite regular soap won't be able to get you through these nine months. You'll need to invest faith in something kinder and made with reliable ingredients that are natural and gentle.

Additionally, your skin may start to itch all over. To remedy this, take tepid baths and showers rather than anything too hot that can dry out your skin. This may be incredibly beneficial when used with the appropriate soap. If nothing else leaves your skin feeling supple and moisturised after your shower, don't forget to use natural lotions, creams, or moisturisers.

Acne is another issue to be on the lookout for, which tends to sneak up on us when pregnant – how thoughtful!? This is typical and not anything you need to worry about too much. It may be managed by eating nutritious meals and keeping your face as clean as possible. The good thing is that it will go shortly after delivery, so you won't likely have to deal with it for too long.

Useful Body Care Substitutions When Pregnant

It is essential to use products with a limited list of ingredients if you want to keep your skin feeling soft, supple and supported. Be sure to look for natural products that include only organic ingredients or are developed for delicate skin. These body soaps won't irritate or dry up your skin as much.

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You should explore to find out which odours you can tolerate and which ones you cannot. You'll need something that smells more naturally or maybe a product with no scent because your nose will be considerably more sensitive to odours. When in doubt, Sundae’s Feeling Fresh Shower Foam Bundle is a beautiful collection of gentle whipped shower foams with elevated, minimal scents.


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