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AM Or PM: What Is The Very Best Time To Take A Shower?

when is the best time to take a shower?
We’ll get straight to the point: what you do in the shower and exactly when you do it is 100% up to you. Selecting a morning or evening rinse relies on your living patterns, similar to how frequently you should shower and how often you change your pillowcases. Your bathing rituals are entirely a matter of personal choice and might vary daily based on activity, depending on your surroundings, skin type, and degree of exercise.

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Let’s start with the pros and cons of morning showers, shall we?

Does Showering in the Morning Wake You Up? & more...

PRO 1: A Joyful Awakening

According to experts, spending a few minutes beneath the hose can help kick some of that morning's grogginess to the curb. Second to a strong espresso, morning showers can be just what you need to put a grin on your face if you have trouble getting out of bed. Try washing with semi-cool water to briefly shock the body – as studies have shown that taking a cold shower in the morning might increase productivity all day. We can only pray.

PRO 2: Banishes Puffiness and Bad Dreams

Consider cleansing your face: If you tend to feel a little puffy or oily when you wake up, you may pump some face wash first thing in the morning. (However, those with dry skin might choose to continue using just a sprinkle of water.) The same can be said with morning showers; if you find that you wake up a little hot and bothered, a flash rinse may leave your skin feeling balanced and fresh.

CON 1: Bedtime May Lack a Certain Chill Touch

Each day, a lot of pollution and general bacteria can accumulate on your skin (not to mention sweat and residue from skin care products). Which you are technically taking into the bedroom if you simply wash in the morning and avoid a rinse off in the evening. Just saying.

Now, on to the evening showers, we go…

Do Hot Showers Help You Sleep or Keep You Awake? 

PRO 1: A Humble and Relaxing Way to Unwind

Listen, we know what you're thinking… didn't we just discuss at length how AM bathing awakens the senses? Well, it turns out the shower spray has two effects, as a morning rinse could wake you up, but an evening wash might assist your body get ready for bed. Many find an evening shower quite relaxing, not just for their skin but also their wired senses after a long day of Slack notifications and parking fines. This hunch is supported by research, as experts claim that taking a warm bath or shower an hour before bed lowers body temperature and encourages sleep.

CON 1: Sleep Can Make You Sweaty

As you sleep, your skin generates extra sebum, so people with very oily skin may wake up with a slightly luminous sheen. Your head-to-toe dermis could also benefit from a short stint in the shower, just as you might clean your face in the morning.

CON 2: Wet Hair on the Pillow Sucks

Those with fine or oily hair may discover that resting on damp tresses causes them to seem flat in the morning. Not to mention that if your hair is wet when you go to bed, you run the danger of breaking it since it is more susceptible to damage from tossing, turning and dreaming about Harry Styles.

So Which Shower Time Best Suits Me?

Having trouble calling the shots? Take a moment to ponder these questions:

• Consider your workout. If you sweat in the morning or at night, will it impact how often you rinse?

• Consider how you feel after taking a shower: You should change the time you wash depending on whether taking a shower makes you feel energised or relaxed.

• Think about your schedule: Showering in the morning or the evening may be more time-efficient depending on your job and personal routine.

Our advice? Do what works best for your body. When it comes to self-care – there is no hard right and wrong. Unless we’re talking about the importance of gelato after pizza (essential!)

Happy Sundae x

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