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Body Moisturiser vs. Serum: Pick Your Potion

body moisturiser vs serum

Get ready to unlock the ultimate skincare showdown – we're talking body moisturisers versus serums. To start, a moment of visualisation, please… 

Picture yourself in a skincare wonderland, where shelves gleam with rows of serums and moisturisers like prized jewels. The air is infused with the invigorating scent of citrus and the hushed hum of skincare rituals. Streams of refreshing toners trickle through lush gardens, while sunbeams reveal a land where exfoliators and masks offer pathways to glowing skin. Are you with us? Good. So, in this wonderland, moisturisers and serums are the protectors and refreshers. 

Moisturisers are like plush, fluffy clouds, giving your skin that loving hydration hug, sealing in precious moisture, and cheering on your skin's defence squad. On the flip side, serums are the invigorating rainfall that nurtures growth and refresh. These are the power-packed potions aimed at your specific skin quests – think dark spots, wrinkles, or just wanting to glow all season long. 

Fantasy aside, both products play an important role in maintaining the health of your skin. So, which one are you going to call? Let’s find out.


Hail to the Hydration! Imagine your skin wrapped in a cashmere blanket – that's what moisturisers do. They're like the cozy coffee shop on a rainy day, ensuring your skin is hydrated and ready to conquer the world. Dry skin? They got you with their rich creams. Oily skin? They bring the lightweight lotions to the party. Dermatologists love these moisture-locking superheroes and suggest customising them based on your skin type.

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Now, let's switch gears to serums. These are like your BFFs with benefits – they target specific concerns like your ride-or-die girlfriends. They're lightweight, they penetrate like nothing else, and they pack a punch. So, if you're aiming to fade those dark spots or want skin as smooth as butter, serums are your pick.

Now, let's talk strategy. If your skin's all about quenching its thirst and keeping it soft like a marshmallow pillow, a moisturiser's your MVP. And oh, you'll love them even more when winter rolls around – they're your shield against the icy winds. But if you've got a specific mission, like vanquishing pesky pigmentation or fine lines, serums are your sidekick. They've got the moves to deliver a knockout blow to those targeted issues. To this, we say, why not use both?

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Should I Apply Serum Before or After Moisturising?

To apply in doubles, start by gently smoothing serum over your skin, and let it absorb its superpowers for a few minutes. Then, voilà, it’s time for the moisturiser. Massage it in, imagining it's like a cozy hug for your skin. The double punch of serum and moisturiser? It’s called self-care.

So, here’s the deal: whether you're more Team Moisturiser or Team Serum, there's no right or wrong. It's about understanding your skin's desires and tailoring your routine accordingly. Like curating the perfect playlist (or cocktail!), your skincare lineup should be a mix of both – harmonising their powers for the ultimate skincare experience.

Happy Sundae x

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