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Tips For Prepping & Pampering Your Skin This Summer

summer skin care and bodycare advice

The change in season requires a revamp of your closet rotation, the tipple of choice, and your bodycare routine (and how you emphasise hydration.) When it's warm outside, more of your skin will likely be exposed to the sun and tend to sweat more heavily due to higher humidity and temperatures. These factors stimulate your skin's oil glands, making your complexion more prone to breakouts. On the flip side, our skin becomes extremely dry during the cold, dry winter season (check out our winter skincare routine). Chapped lips and cracked heels are two frequent symptoms. The extreme fluctuations in temperature between heated indoors and brisk outdoors can also feel like an unwelcome trip for your dermis.

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Summer Skin Care & Bodycare Advice

Are You Hitting The Beach?

Grab your towel and shimmy on your swimmers—we see a blissful beach day in your future. But, before you hit the waves, be sure to prep your skin with care to keep it feeling seen, heard and helped. Yes, during the summer months, your skin naturally produces more oil and is better at retaining moisture, so you won't need to hydrate as much. Use a light and gentle face moisturiser and body lotion after you dry off from a shower or bath. Preparing your skin with a light yet hydrating cream before travelling to the beach might help you avoid feeling dry and irritable in the high temperatures and UV rays. After applying moisturiser, lather on broad-spectrum sunscreen like your sweet little life depends on it. We mean LOTS, both facial and body. Extra tip: the best time to apply sunscreen is before slipping into your swimsuit, as it's much more challenging to get every inch of exposed skin when you're kitted up. Keep your cheeks sweet, not crispy!

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Recovering from SSSS (Sun, Sand, Salt & Sunscreen?)

Although we love them dearly, these four summer hits irritate our skin. As soon as you can, shampoo and deep condition your hair to help it retain moisture as quickly as possible. Then, thoroughly wash your body, mainly if your sunscreen contains zinc oxide, which can leave a sticky residue. Here, you can't go wrong with our Green Tea Exfoliating Shower foam. To prevent your skin from drying out after a day of fun in the sun and salt, use moisturiser right after you get out of the shower. Once you get out of the shower, we suggest combining hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich products like aloe vera and vitamin C, which are world-famous for repairing sun-weary skin.

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Perhaps a Post-Pool Dip?

Maintaining radiant, damage-free skin all summer calls for a thorough post-dip skin care program. After exiting the pool, dermatologists recommend giving your skin a quick rinse because chlorine intensifies pore damage the longer it is in contact with the skin. Try our hydrating shower foams - effective and gentle- to remove any chemicals and help restore your skin's pH balance. After getting out of the shower, the following step in your post-swim skincare routine should be using a balm to beckon the moisture. Has your fun in the sun gone a little too far? Aloe vera gel, which is 99% water, helps to nourish skin and provides treatment for sunburns while also functioning as a refreshing protection. Lather up!

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