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Why shower foam?

Why shower foam?
So a shower is a shower right? Wrong. Your shower experience should be anything but mundane, which is where Sundae comes in.

What are Shower Foams? 

Bored of soap bars and bog-standard shower gels? Enter: shower foams! Like foaming facial cleansers, shower foams lather straight away as they hit your body, meaning a deeper, more nourishing cleansing ritual. This means you can focus on life’s more pressing matters, like relaxing.

Our whipped flavours provide a foaming body cleanser guaranteed to make shower time more fun, that’s why we call Sundae “soaps glow up”. Don’t believe us? Here are a few reasons why you should shake up your shower routine and switch for foam.

Why You Should Choose Shower Foams

It foams up for you. Well, if the product name wasn’t enough to give this key benefit away, we’re here to spell it out. Instead of having to wait for gel or soap to lather up, one pump and you’re ready to go.

It’s more intense then cream or gel – in a good way. The foam texture allows the skin to absorb the goodness more readily giving you a deeper more intense clean. We love that.

🤔 We compare shower cream & body wash

They’re fortified with moisturizing agents which means your skin stays hydrated after you shower with it. Longer lasting hydration means healthier, happier skin.


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A little bit goes a long way. You’ll be surprised how far this product can go. Because foam is already, well, foam, you don’t have to waste product trying to get a lather.

Longer lasting scent. Because of the way the skin absorbs a foam texture, it means that the scent stays longer…which is also why we created 9 flavours, there’s something to match your every mood.

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